LFortran Google Season of Docs (GSoD)

LFortran has evolved rapidly since its inception and is now close to beta status. Several key project progress goals are on track with the help of external support; and the recent GSoD support will galvanize the documentation and ease the onboarding of new contributors to the language and LFortran’s unique tooling.

At the heart of the L-family of compilers (LFortran, LPython) lies the idea that there are invariants across languages which can be documented and worked with. To this end, LFortran has decided to kick-start a sustained period of documentation generation for both the Fortran language (in terms of compiler implementation records) and the ASR itself. The relatively higher technical debt required for the task at the moment made it inefficient to look too far away from the existing community, and Rohit Goswami and Tapasweni Pathak will be the two technical writers for this 2022 season of documentation. You can look at our GSoD proposal for more details.

If you want to get involved or provide suggestions to our work, please do not hesitate to do that. You can contact us at our LFortran Zulip channel.