Fortran On Web Using LFortran

Fortran On Web Using LFortran Recently, there was a blog post titled Fortran on WebAssembly released by Dr George W Stagg. This article inspired us to compile the same example using our LFortran compiler. We are happy to share that we have the fortran mnist classifier example used in the blog post, compiled to WebAssembly using LFortran (with no hacks to the compiler) and working perfectly in the browser. MNIST We cloned the original authors code and just swapped-in two of our generated files mnist. [Read More]

LFortran compiles Fortran stdlib

LFortran compiles 85% Fortran stdlib We are happy to announce that LFortran can compile all numerical modules in stdlib. The stdlib library has 32 modules, here are the details of the current status: all 32 modules compile to ASR 27 modules (85%) compile to LLVM; there are 4 hash modules (hash_32bit, hash_64bit, hashmaps, hashmap_wrappers, stringlist_type) and one stringlist_type module that does not compile to LLVM yet 24 modules pass all their tests; 3 modules (sorting, bitsets, stats) do not pass all tests yet, but simple examples that use the modules work This is sixth third-party production-grade code that LFortran can compile after SciPy. [Read More]